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Southminster Memorial Hall was first opened in 1933 in memory of those who died in the Great War and is a registered charity.  It's sole purpose was to provide a hall for the use of the inhabitants of Southminster including use for meetings, lectures and classes and for recreational activity.  We are proud that, with the support of generations of Southminster residents,  it  continues to live up to its intended  purpose today.

There are two halls available for hire to members of the local community.  The larger of the two includes a full stage, speaker system, stage lighting, stage extension and kitchen area.  Both halls have separate entrances and access to shared toilets.  

If you would like to find out more about letting the hall, check availability or would like to submit a completed booking form or arrange a visit, please contact To enquire about lettings, please contact Dave on  0777 5758118 or contact smhlettings46@gmail.com 

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Booking Form

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Our Terms and Conditions of Hire